Free Digital Marketing Learning for 2021

After using my connections to create a brilliant list of digital tools, I now wanted to move onto the additional courses that I support throughout my delivery. I teach Digital Marketing Apprenticeships but also support my learners to learn more about topics in the industry. Below is a list of the free learning platforms thatContinue reading “Free Digital Marketing Learning for 2021”

Digital Marketing Tools for 2021

In my role as a Digital Marketing Trainer at Runshaw College I try to incorporate as many current tools into the content that I deliver. This allows the learners to gain an understanding of how specific tools can make tasks easier to achieve in marketing. I have created the list below to support the researchContinue reading “Digital Marketing Tools for 2021”

Employer Reference for EPA

Many people have asked me over the years many questions about the employer reference, like: What is needed for an Employer reference? What type of detail is required?  How should it be written? How long does it need to be? As an employer who has mentored your apprentice from the beginning of their qualification, IContinue reading “Employer Reference for EPA”

Top Tips for Working from Home!

I have been working from home for many years and it is only the past few weeks where I have noticed a different set of distractions. Normally the washing machine coming to an end or the stack of pots to wash in the kitchen plays on my mind but at the moment I have aContinue reading “Top Tips for Working from Home!”

Worried about a virtual interview? See my top tips

Virtual Interview Tops Tips Shared As a End Point Assessor, I complete interviews with people virtually and I am sharing the important things to think about before an interview. Important things to remember before your interview: First things first – Make sure that everyone in the house/office space knows that you have an important interviewContinue reading “Worried about a virtual interview? See my top tips”